Haltech Platinum Sport 1000

Haltech Platinum Sport 1000

  • With 8 channels capable of controlling injection and ignition duites, the Platinum Sport 1000 ECU can support most modern engines (including 2 rotor engines) with multi-coil or conventional distributor ignition systems as well as aftermarket CDI systems.

    It is capable of controlling sequential injection on engines up to 4 cylinders, or semi-sequential up to 8 cylinders, combined with direct fire ignition for engines up to 4 cylinders or wasted spark ignition on engines up to 8 cylinders.

    • 8 additional user-definable auxillary inputs
    • Up to 9 additional user-definable auxillary outputs (Depending on configuration)
    • Fully user-definable 32 x 32 mapping ( Up to 1024 points)
    • Wideband “Auto tuning” using user definable target AFR table
    • Narrow and Wideband closed loop O2 control
    • Staged injection control for multiple injectors per cylinder
    • 3D mapped rotary engine ignition split
    • Soft and hard cut rev limiter
    • EGT fuel correction
    • Tuning via TPS with manifold pressure correction
    • Dual map switching for fuel/ign/boost
    • Anti-lag (Rally and Launch style)
    • Rotational idle
    • Launch Control
    • VTEC cam timing control
    • VANOS cam control (intake cam only)
    • True variable cam control supporting late model Toyota’s, WRX’s and EVO’s
    • Dual intake runner control
    • Onboard 2.5 BAR MAP sensor (or use with external MAP up to 10 BAR)
    • Custom sensor calibration (Use your own sensors for temps or fuel/oil pressure etc)
    • Open or closed loop boost control ( Road speed, RPM or gear based mapping)
    • Closed loop idle control (Stepper motor and BAC type)
    • Extra injector control
    • Thermo-fan control ( Duty cycle or on/off )
    • Intercooler fan/spray
    • Alternator control (Mazda
    • Engine control relay function
    • Nitrous switching with fuel / ignition correction
    • Staged shift lights
    • Aux fuel pump control
    • Tacho output (5v,8v,12v)
    • Turbo timer
    • Torque converter lock up
    • Air con request idl

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