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We have hundreds of makes/models in our supported vehicle list for custom diesel tuning, to find out what we can do for your vehicle contact us.



As well as custom dyno tuning/ECU re-calibrating we also offer plug and play tuning kits for many popular turbo diesel makes and models. The kit normally can be installed and a tuned in the same day. The benefit of the plug and play kit is that they can easily be removed should the vehicle need to be returned to factory.


IMPORTANT: All of our tunes are custom tuned in house on our dyno, this is the best way to have your vehicle tuned as you know the calibration has been setup for your vehicle and its modifications, it is NOT a generic tune setup by a third party company that is then flashed in to your ECU.

Lean or Rich fuel mixtures, over-boosting, too much rail fuel pressure etc...these are common issue we have seen time and time again when we have been asked to re-tune vehicles that have been previously "tuned", and have been under-powered, blowing smoke or caused a turbo to fail. Make sure your tune is a custom tune !

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