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NT EuroTune Compatible Vehicles

From stringent dynamometer testing NT Performance Automotive develops and creates tunes in house to give your vehicle in increase an performance and economy.


We offer custom ECU tuning/calibrations for many popular European vehicle makes such as









and many more


As well as ECU tuning we also offer performance products and parts for your vehicle.


Many late model European vehicles will see a performance and economy gain from having the ECU custom dyno tuned/calibrated. Whether the vehicle is completely standard or modified a custom dyno tune/calibration will ensure your vehicle is making optimum power.


Please note that power figures may differ from one vehicle to another and therefore we believe the best way to see the gains is to give your vehicle a baseline line power run on our dyno and work from there.


As well as custom dyno tuning/ECU re-calibrating we also offer plug and play tuning kits for many popular turbo diesel and turbo petrol makes and models. The kit normally can be installed and a tuned in the same day. The benefit of the plug and play kit is that they can easily be removed should the vehicle need to be returned to factory. To find out if we have a plug and play kit for your vehicle contact us.


Prices start from only $950




           Please contact us for more information and to see what we can do for your vehicle.





Package Includes:


Custom NT EuroTune/ECU Calibration or Plug and Play kit

Before and after dyno graph and video

All Labour and dyno time to test and tune


135i dyno graph
c63 dyno graph
335i dyno graph
335i dyno graph
c63 dyno graph
c63 dyno graph
m3 dyno graph
335i dyno graph
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