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Custom Dyno Tuning and Vehicle Diagnosis

The most commonly asked question we hear regarding Dyno Tuning is what is better, a flash tune or custom tune.

The answer is actually quite simple, and for many reasons.

Custom Dyno Tuning!

A Dyno Tune in itself means nothing, what you really want to know is if you're getting a flash tune or a custom dyno tune. Anyone can perform a flash tune, anywhere, anytime, and the fact that its gains are measured on a dyno means nothing.

For some people, a flash tune may suit, whether the customer needs there car back within a few hours of dropping it off at the tuner or that their cars modifications aren't as great, and in some cases a basic tune may do the job. What needs to be considered is that a lot of flash tunes are written by companies overseas which means that they are creating maps to suit their humidity, temperatures, octane fuels, etc... And are completely different to the conditions and fuels we have here in Australia, as well as this, every engine, even 2 of the same type, may require completely different tunes. Tolerances in the engine when it was initially built can cause a change in ignition timing, fueling, torque limiters etc.

At NT Performance Automotive we use years and generations of experience together with the latest tuning equipment to ensure we get the most out of your engine and do it safely, whether it be a standard ECU which may require re-mapping/re-calibrating or an aftermarket ECU.

As well as custom dyno tuning, our experienced dyno operator can also use the dyno to help diagnose many faults and issues you may have with your vehicle whether it be in the driveline, engine loosing power, flat spots, under-powered acceleration and even incorrectly or poorly tuned engine management. 

We are equipped with the latest AWD Dyno Dynamics dynamometer to help us simulate every road condition.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for your pride and joy!

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