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EuroTune & Performance Packages




Please use the drop down menu to select your model and view available packages

If you model is not listed please contact us for a customised package.

At NT Performance Automotive we can advise you on the best performance                                   upgrade for your European vehicle.


We understand that no two vehicles are the same which is why we have taken the extra step over our competitors and custom tune each vehicle individually, instead of flashing a generic tune into your vehicle, which may have been initially setup/written from a company overseas which will not suit the ambient temperatures, fuels etc. we have here in Australia.


All of our tunes are custom written in house on our Dyno to suit your exact performance upgrades with the fuel you choose to use, this way we can ensure that your engine is tuned for maximum performance, fuel economy and reliability.


Not only do we specialise in performance tuning for your prestige vehicle, we also offer a large range of performance parts and upgrades from exhaust systems to supercharger kits, with our custom tunes starting at only $750, as well any custom fabrication work.


At NT Performance we are equipped with the latest specialist workshop equipment including a Dyno Dynamics Dyno, tuning and diagnostic equipment and scan tools.


All of the work carried out on your vehicle will be Dyno tested to ensure you are receiving the highest quality workmanship and modifications. 


We have developed many different performance packages and currently have the ability to tune over 4000 different makes and models, with new models being added every month, so contact us to enquire about your vehicle to see what performance package we can tailor for you.



Please fill out the online enquiry with your Vehicle details (Year, Make, Model, Engine) and we will endeavour to answer your enquiry within 24-48 hours

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