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Nissan 350Z (Z33)

Engine Codes: VQ35DE inc RevUp – (Single Throttle Only – Does not suit VQ35HR)
Transmission: Manual Only

Nissan 350Z (Z33)

  • High Performance Fuel and Ignition ECU for Nissan 350Z.
    Fully programmable ECU interfacing directly with all the standard Nissan sensors and on board computer systems. Taking control of all the essential engine management tasks such as fuel delivery, ignition timing, boost levels, camshaft positioning and correction maps, the Platinum Pro Plug-in 350Z (Z33) ECU even interfaces with the factory Nissan CAN bus for on-board diagnostics and troubleshooting.

    • Sequential Fuel Control
    • Direct Fire Ignition Control
    • Variable Camshaft postion mapping
    • Knock Detection
    • Engine Rev Limiter
    • Closed loop boost control
    • Launch control
    • Closed loop wideband 02 control
    • On board data logging
    • Speed density, Alpha-N or MAF tuning
    • Additional user definable inputs and outputs
    • Windows Software

    The Platinum Pro Plug-in 350Z (Z33) kit includes:
    ECU Programmable Computer,Plug and Play wiring Harness,USB Programming Cable,Instruction Manual (on CD), Programming software

    Main Features over previous model
    • Fully Stand Alone – No factory ECU Required – Controls all factory Functions
    • Complete Electronic Throttle Control
    • Generic CAN OBDII Support
    • CAN Bus Intergration – Haltech Communicates with the Instrument Cluster, ABS & PDM.
    • Crusie Control
    • Flex Fuel / E85 Ethanol Support
    • Long Term Fuel Trims
    • Knock Control with Long Term Trims
    • Auxillary Inputs and Outputs

    True Stand Alone
    • New ECU is a complete stand alone.
    • The OEM ECU is not required at all as the Haltech ECU takes control of all functions, unlike any other tuning solution.
    • No more check engine lights, idle problems, torque limits or rev limiters.
    • The Haltech allows full control over the engine, without complications or compromise.

    Full specs at
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